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When you look at all your prospective clients, at any given point only about 3% are ready to buy. They are actively looking for a solution to their problem and have their credit card in hand.

The remainder of your prospects is not quite ready, yet. They have their wallets tucked away firmly, and if you even hint at making an offer to them, they will run for the hills.

Those 97% split into four groups:

  • 7% are somewhat open to your solution, just not now.
  • 30% are aware of their problem and know that they will have to do something about it eventually.
  • 30% are not yet aware that they have a problem.
  • 30% will for one reason or another not ever invest money to do anything about their issue.

What that is telling you is that you are missing out on 67% of the market, if all you ever do is talk to a prospect once. And you can’t just follow up once either. The vast majority of sales transactions happen after more than 5 (or more) followups. Yet, most entrepreneurs do not follow up at all or give up after the first attempt.

See, I get it. Follow up is laborious and time-consuming. But, wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to automate that follow up?

Imagine someone visiting your website to read an article you published and then hand over their email address to get something neat you offered to readers of that post.

Imagine now an automated process that determines what phase that person is in. Are they still trying to learn what the problem they are experiencing is about, or are they already further along the customer journey and are looking for information on a specific solution to their problem?

Because, depending on where they are at, you need to talk to them differently. And figuring that out by hand is hard work. But if you can get that information on autopilot, you can use it to send just the right message at the right time to get them closer to the place where they are ready to invest in your offer.

That is, what the Infusionsoft™ CRM can do for you. And it goes way beyond that. No matter if you are using a simple website with a lead capture process or if you are using a full-fledged sales team, the Infusionsoft™ CRM allows you to automate the follow-up, automate sending out the right message at the right time, and even automate getting your leads to schedule a conversation with you. And then it notifies you when it is time for you (or your team) to call the prospect directly.

When you use the Infusionsoft™ CRM, you not only get more of your leads to convert, you also have to spend less time on making it happen. Time you don’t have to waste on running after opportunities. Time you can spend on things that are more important in your life (or business).

To learn more about the Infusionsoft™ CRM, check out https://be.a.wealthy.expert/likes/infusionsoft

Now you might be wondering, whether I use Infusionsoft myself, and why I did not go for any of the plenty of other email service providers (ESPs) out there.

The answer is simple. Yes, I do. There is really nothing out there for small businesses that compares. First, all the magic to figure out what message to send next when – to each individual prospect is something many ESPs can’t do. But even amongst the ones that do, the Infusionsoft™ CRM stands out.

It has been one of the first that offered that functionality, so it has a mature foundation. That means that you get more features than with many others. Also, more third-party apps already have a direct integration with the Infusionsoft™ CRM. But most importantly, you will run into random issues way less frequently than with other applications. And yes, I have worked with many of them. I have run into problems with all of them (including Infusionsoft™). But the issues with the Infusionsoft™ CRM tend to be less severe.

Also, many of the other solutions just offer email support. With Infusionsoft™ you can actually get a knowledgeable and helpful person on the phone (or chat, if you prefer).

So really, where you might find yourself in the rain with other solutions, you have someone to talk to, someone willing and able to actually help you if you use the Infusionsoft™ CRM.

To learn more, or to sign up, go to https://be.a.wealthy.expert/likes/infusionsoft