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Know, Like and Trust. You’ve probably heard of these three terms. They are the prerequisite for any sales transaction. And, what Know and Like stand for is relatively easy to grasp. However, what exactly is Trust? That is not quite as readily described.

It turns out, the concept of trust is multi-layered and has many facets. In the sales context, I usually quote three: The client/customer must believe that the solution works, that it applies in their specific context and that the persons involved in the delivery have their best interest in mind.

But, what can you actually do to foster that believe, to build that trust? David Horsager in his book The Trust Edge does a fabulous job not only explaining what trust is really made up of – he calls it the “eight pillars of trust” – but also gives actionable advice on what you can do to build and strengthen those pillars.

So, if you are looking to be more trustworthy, if you are striving to sell more without feeling salesy, get this book.