Let's Talk Scaling

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This session is for you if you’re a coach or consultant, trying to scale your business but are frustrated with the results.

I have a special process that I call the focus finder.
We’ll use it together during this session to:

  • Get completely clear on your goal
  • Look at what you’re currently doing to get closer to that goal
  • Determine what of that is working and what might need some tweaking
  • Identify the one thing that you should focus on going forward

This is a very powerful tool that will basically give you a map of what needs to happen to reach your goal.

At the end of the session, you can take that map and use it yourself to scale your business.

Now, if we both feel like we are a good fit, we can talk about working together, too.

Just to warn you, though: There will be no sales pressure – that’s just not me.

Either way: You’ll get tons of value (whether we end up working together or not).


Naturally, I can only do so many of these free sessions. Every time I open up my calendar, they fill up quickly. So grab your spot now, before they’re gone.

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