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Tired of Not being able to scale your business?

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    Are you struggling with getting new Leads and Clients on a consistent basis?
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    Are you experiencing the Client Rollercoaster - having too much to do some weeks followed by not enough clients in others?
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    Have you tried online marketing, invested sweat and money but got nothing in return?
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Hi, I'm Sebastian. I'm the guy to call when your marketing has hit a wall.

Sebastian Meine, Ph.D.

Discover the 5 steps that can get you new ideal clients as early as this week - Even if nothing you've tried before has worked!

If you are a Coach or Consultant, you probably noticed that attracting new clients is getting harder and harder each year.

People just calling you out of the blue never happens, and marketing methods that worked in the past now make you feel like you’re treading water.

It feels like nobody knows about you; like you are the best-kept secret in your field.

You might even have invested a lot of time and money into some (or several) hyped new marketing methods only to end up with less money in your bank account and nothing to show for it.

It’s a real tragedy. You poured so much energy and heart into your business. You want to improve your clients’ lives. And, there are so many people out there that are longing for your help right now - people that have the problem you solve and that desperately want it to go away.

Yet, if they don’t know about you, all your energy is wasted, and your ideal clients all go without the help they so urgently crave.

But it does not have to be that way. With a proven client attraction strategy, you can turn your business around, even if you have no idea about marketing and even if you hate selling.

With a proven Client-Attraction Strategy your business will soar.

You will not only see a positive return on your investment from your marketing efforts. You will see your business soar.

Just imagine what it would be like to know exactly what steps you need to take to

  • Attract new ideal clients like clockwork, clients that are ready to invest because they need your help right now
  • Speak to them in a way that will make them want to hire you - and not your competition
  • Have an offer that is so irresistible it’ll make your ideal prospects ask you how they can pay without you having to do any selling
  • Turn potential clients into high-paying loyal clients, without feeling like a sleazy used-car sales representative

    I have seen this dream turn into reality. I have seen people go from desperate to 6 figures per month in just a few weeks. To help more people achieve that dream, I developed the 7-Figure Business Bootcamp. More about that in a minute, but first:

Why Do Most Coaches & Consultants fail at marketing their business?

Let me assure you: If you have tried several marketing techniques before and didn't see any results it is not your fault. The reason why most coaches and consultants fail at marketing is that almost all marketing advice you can find - in books, in blog post and webinars, and even in paid-for training - does not give you the complete picture.

Introducing: The ACTion-Formula™

One of the fastest and most reliable ways to move your audience to buy

Let's look at an example: A new client, let's call her Susan, signs up with you for one of your services. Before this moment, three things have happened:

  1. Susan went through the five awareness stages.
  2. Susan got from being a stranger to know and like you (and likely vice versa).
  3. Susan developed three levels of trust in you.

This is an almost universal truth. And this means in turn, if your marketing does not address all three areas, you'll not only miss the sale, but Susan is likely to move on, causing you to lose any chance of a future investment by her.

One of the most common reasons for marketing attempts to fail in your coaching or consulting business is for you to not account for all three transitions to happen. 

You probably have heard "people buy after they know, like, and trust you" before. However, if you get right down to it, that is really only a tiny piece of the puzzle.

BTW, the five awareness stages are:

  • Unaware
  • Problem-Aware
  • Solution-Aware
  • Offer-Aware
  • Fully Aware

And the important thing about these stages is: At any one, your potential client has different questions that you need to answer in your marketing material.

To have any chance at the sale, you need to figure out what their most significant problem in each stage is, and then talk to them about it using their words.

You need to join the conversation that is already going on in their heads.

But, that's not all. While you talk to them, you need to gently move them from stage to stage and, at the same time, build the three levels of trust:


Many pieces of marketing advice only talk about this one: You need to demonstrate that you know what you are talking about.


You need to show that you have experience solving the problem - not in general, but as it applies in their specific case. You need to be able to counter the "This does not apply to me" objection.


This is the hardest trust level to gain: You need to convince them that you have their best interest in mind.

I developed the ACTion-Formula™ to show the specific marketing action-steps you need to take to attract your ideal clients (and only your ideal clients) and move them through the 

  • 5 Awareness stages (Unaware, Problem Aware, Solution Aware, Offer Aware, Fully Aware)
  • 3 Compatibility stages (Stranger, Know, Like)
  • 3 Trust levels (Authority, Experience, Integrity)

in the shortest amount of time:

The ACTion-Formula™

The transition for not knowing about your to being ready to invest in your offer is often described as the Client Journey. Others just talk about "Know, Like and Trust". But if you take a close look, those approaches are incomplete at best.

As you can see, there are really 3 transitions that you ideal client needs to go through to reach the point of having all the information needed to make a decision. You need to move them from the bottom to the top on each of the 3 pillars. I call these 11 stages in the 3 pillars of the ACTion-Formula™ the Client ACTion-Steps™.

And believe me, not taking all Client ACTion-Steps™ into account will hurt your marketing efforts. I have seen many people, that spend a lot of time effort following some marketing advice, but all they are really doing is move people up one or two levels on the awareness scale, just to drop them all the way to the bottom again. And then they repeat that effort over and over and wonder why they do not get results.

However, this does not have to be you. If you truly understand the 11 Client ACTion-Steps™ and the impact each one has on your ideal clients, you can get them to move through all 3 ACTion-Formula™ transitions in just 24 to 48 hours.

Imagine if you could take any new lead to be ready to make a decision on a high-ticket investment in your offer in just 48 hours. What would that do to your business? To your ability to help more people?

So, how can you achieve all this in your marketing? It is actually not complicated at all. It all starts with really getting to know your ideal client.

The 5 steps to attracting New ideal clients into your Business like clockwork

Can you imagine waking up each morning to a list of people that want to work with you, right in your inbox? Can you imagine not having to hunt after prospects that won't return your calls or emails? 

That is possible, for your coaching or consulting business, too.  And, the easiest way to get to there is to follow a series of well planned and mapped out steps. 

The steps I'm about to show you are the exact steps I take my high-end one-on-one coaching clients through.

They are the exact steps that lead to amazing breakthroughs:

1) Assess Your Position & Establish Your Goal

2) Build Your Ideal Client Avatar

3) Craft an Irresistible Offer

4) Map out the 11 Client ACTion-Steps™ using the ACTion-Formula™

5) Generate Traffic

How to apply this in your own business

Just going through these 5 steps one by one will get you further in your business than most of your competitors will ever go. So I strongly recommend you take the time to do this work.

​However, I also recognize that you probably have still many questions about the details even though this article is already getting very long.

So, how about, instead of throwing more information at you here, I sit down with you one-on-one, walk you through the questions, and create an ACTion-Formula™ based strategy tailored to your business.

If that sounds like something you're interested in, read on.


The 7-Figure Business Bootcamp

The 7-Figure Business Bootcamp is your opportunity to have me personally work with you to develop a Marketing Plan specifically for your own business based on the ACTion-Formula™.

This is a half-day intensive one-on-one workshop. We will sit down and together work out a plan of simple steps you can take to double, triple, or even 10x your business over the next 6 months.

During this unique workshop, I’ll take you through my special 5-step process of questions and exercises, designed to get a real in-depth understanding of what makes your ideal client want to invest.

At the end of the session, you’ll have

  • 1
    Absolute clarity about where you are in business - what is working and what isn’t
  • 2
    Defined a goal of what you want to (and can) achieve within the next 6 months and identified possible roadblocks along the way
  • 3
    Created your ideal customer avatar, so you know exactly what your clients’ needs are
  • 4
    Identified your ideal client’s emotional drivers that will get them to buy from you and not your competition
  • 5
    Clarified your offer, making it irresistible to your ideal client
  • 6
    Identified where your ideal client hangs out, so you can easily invite them into your world
  • 7
    Mapped out your own ACTion-Formula™ Sales Funnel (A funnel is a system of steps taking your prospects by the hand and leading them towards becoming your client.)

What Other People Are Saying

Dr. Dianah Lake, MD

Brady Werkheiser

“a valuable asset to any company looking to grow”

“Sebastian's generosity and deep understanding of how successful businesses operate make him a valuable asset to any company looking to grow."

Brady Werkheiser
- IT Specialist

“His presentation is so easy to understand”

“I highly recommend Sebastian Meine and his work. His presentation is so easy to understand while providing you with a template of easy to follow steps. He is also very patient, a good listener, and explains with clarity. Thank you Sebastian!"

Tracey Powers
Tracey Powers

Reserve Your Spot Today

The 7-Figure Business Bootcamp is an intensive one-on-one workshop. That means you're likely not going to be surprised if I tell you I can only do very few of these at any given time. Usually, that is 4 or less each month. This is not fake scarcity, but I just can't fit more of them on my schedule.

For that reason, I am very selective about whom I work with. I want to make sure that I spend this valuable time with people that will actually benefit from it. So, if you want in, you need to apply. It's a simple process, just follow these steps:

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    Click that Apply Now button below
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    Make a small fully refundable deposit
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    Fill out and submit the form
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    Once I receive them, I'll review your responses and then contact you.

What is the investment?

With the information and strategies we'll develop during this workshop, you can easily double, triple, or even 10x your business over the next year. In fact, I've seen people reach 6 figures per month in just a few weeks. 

If I were charging $10,000 for this valuable information, that would be an excellent deal. But I won't. I won't even charge you $5,000, because I want as many coaches and consultants to be able to afford this as possible.

That's why I usually only charge $2,497. However, because my birthday is coming up, I'm giving away 10 spots at the ridiculously low price of only $749 right now. That is 70% off the regular price. 

But, it's only for the next  10   4  spots. Once they are gone, the price will go back up to $2,497.

Don't miss out on this opportunity. Apply now.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Sebastian Meine, Ph.D.
Sebastian Meine, Ph.D.

Creator of the


About Sebastian

Sebastian is the guy to call when your marketing has hit a wall.

With a Ph.D. in Mathematics and a passion for helping entrepreneurs succeed, Sebastian is now using his marketing skills (that he acquired over 8 years of growing his three businesses past $850,000) to give enthusiastic business owners like you the advice they need to double, triple or even 10x their businesses.

​So, if you’re struggling with getting new clients, if you are looking for advice that has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs before you in pursuit of growing their business - advice that is based on a unique mix of in-the-trenches experience and strategical thinking skills - look no further. Reach out to Sebastian today and discover how you can grow your business too.

Is this the right choice for Me?

At this point, you might ask yourself if investing in this unique offer is the right choice for you. 

The answer to that is simple: If you identify with the green "Who This Is For" column below, I'm confident that I can help you and (assuming we are a good match on a personal level, too) I'm happy to work with you on growing your business so you can help even more people

If you, however, find yourself in the red column, this workshop is not the next best move for you.

Who this is for

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    You are a Coach or Consultant (or you provide a similar professional service).
  • angle-right
    You help people solve a real-life (personal or business) problem - and you have successfully done so before.
  • angle-right
    You know that growing a business is hard work and you are willing to do what it takes (including actually implementing what you'll learn in this session).
  • angle-right
    You are currently making at least $50K to $100K per year helping people with this or a similar pain. You also have some money available to invest in additional resources, like paid advertising.
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    You are coming from a place of Integrity. You are in this to help people improve their lives and not just for the money.

Who it is not for

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    People that sell a product, not a service
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    People that are just starting out and have not yet made money with this endeavor
  • angle-right
    People that are looking for a magic bullet, that want to grow their business without lifting a finger
  • angle-right
    People that are in business just to make a quick buck
  • angle-right
    People that are so low on cash that investing in this offer might jeopardize putting food on the table tomorrow

But, does it work for my business?

The simple answer to that is: Yes. The ACTion-Formula™ is based on human psychology and works for any human-to-human exchange of goods or services, not only in a business setting. 

However, I encourage you to check the "who this is for" description above to make sure we are a good fit, too. 

Here's what We'll Do together during the Session

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    We take an in-depth look at your business to discover what's working and what might be holding you back. We also establish what your goal is, so you have a clear target to aim for.
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    We identify your Ideal Client and develop a thorough understanding of their dreams and pains. This helps you reach your audience on a deeper level, causing them to want to invest. And - you won't have to use any selling tricks or pressure.
  • angle-right
    We analyze your current offers and use the parts to create something that is irresistible to your ideal client. Creating the "I need this and I need it now" feeling in your client's mind is one of the most powerful ways to win their trust and get them to invest in your offer.
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    We use the ACTion-Formula™ to map out the 3 transitions of your ideal client on their way from not knowing about you to investing in your offer. This map will allow you to join the conversation already going on in their heads at any stage of their way and gently lead them towards becoming your client.
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    We use the information gathered in the previous steps to determine the best ways to get your new offer in front of your ideal clients. Knowing how and where to find them will allow you to attract as many new clients into your business as you want any time you need to.
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    You'll also have ample opportunity to get your questions answered, as I'll be focussing just on you and your business for the entire time.

Remember, because of my birthday I'm giving away 10 spots at the ridiculously low price of only $749. That is 70% off the regular price. 

But, it's only for the next  10   4  spots. Once they are gone, the price will go back up to $2497.

Don't miss out on this opportunity. Apply now.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by my unprecedented 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. I'm so confident that you'll be blown away by what you learn that I'm putting your entire investment on the line:

If you are not amazed by the results we'll achieve in just the first 100 minutes of the meeting, just let me know, we'll stop the meeting, and I'll refund 100% of your investment. (But, you'll have to be present to make this claim.)


Frequently Asked Questions

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P.S.: This is a rare opportunity for you to get the tools and techniques you can use to double, triple, or even 10x your business. You'll have actionable advice to get you started on growing your business the day of your one-on-one session.
But, you need to act fast. With the ridiculously low price of just $749, the remaining sessions will likely be gone in a matter of hours. Just click the link below, and you'll be on your way to making your dream come true.

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